What is a Mortgage Broker?

By Mortgage Foxes | Broker

May 18
what is a mortgage broker

Mortgage broker. Mortgage lender. Bank loan officer. They’re all the same.

Their job is to sell you mortgages. Period… Well, not exactly.

While all three are closely related, the nature of their jobs deviates slightly from each other.

What’s a mortgage broker?

Contrary to popular belief, mortgage brokers do not work for the loan company or any lending organization or firm.

A mortgage broker is a real estate financing professional who works independently from a lender. A mortgage broker concentrates on the instigation of residential or commercial mortgages. The lending company is the “wholesaler.”

The mortgage broker is the one who provides the actual funding and servicing to these loan “wholesalers.”

Basically, mortgage brokers are freelance agents working with (not for) various wholesale lenders. Almost half of all the real estate residential loans in the United States are instigated by mortgage broker firm operations.

Mortgage Broker Services

Mortgage brokers have direct access to hundreds of loan products.

Because of this, mortgage brokers are the best when it comes to providing consumers cost-effective and efficient options that cater to their specific loan needs.

The mortgage broker evaluates and provides assessment based on the financial details which the customer gives. Using this information as leverage, the mortgage broker would then search through the hundreds of posted rates in order to find the best one for the customer.

In this way, not only does a mortgage broker provide their customers with expertise and convenience, but choice as well.

Mortgage lending is a complicated task. Mortgage brokers act as guides for consumers, helping them through the entire process.

When confusion sets in, mortgage brokers help dispel this by offering extensive choices and advice to aid the consumer maintain his financial balance with his goal.

When customers have a bad credit or a less-than attractive credit history, mortgage brokers help them get loans by looking for lending companies that are willing to let these types of consumers borrow money.

Mortgage brokers also use novel loan packages to allow customers with low to moderate income enjoy the benefits of home ownership.

Mortgage brokers help consumers save on their time, money, and effort.

Because mortgage brokers provide assessment on their clients’ financial status, they can easily target products which more or less cover and fit with the clients’ needs.

This makes the job easier and less time-consuming. Mortgage brokers maintain contacts with several lending companies. This allows mortgage brokers to get the cheapest loans for their clients.