What Do Home Buyers Really Want?

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Oct 18
The Closing what to expect

While every homebuyer is different, there are some common themes among those that are looking for a new home. Every buyer wants a quality home that they will be proud to live in and won’t fall apart within months or even years. Most homebuyers are focusing not only on quantity in the way of square footage, but also quality, as that is what gives a home its worth.

Common Desires

There are some basic things that homebuyers are looking for when they look at a home. Some of the most common are centralized air conditioning, a walk in closet in the master bedroom, a bedroom on the main floor if the home is two or more stories, a patio for entertainment, as well as an oversized garage that will fit multiple cars as well as provide some storage space.

Even these common desires are not straightforward. An air conditioning unit that is 25 years old cannot provide centralized air; most buyers want an efficient central air conditioning unit. A patio needs to truly be an outdoor living space that has had some thought and planning associated with it. And the bedroom on the main floor needs to be big enough for either a master bedroom or a good-sized guest room for either guests or even an aging relative that needs care.

Rooms that Get Noticed

One room that is important to buyers in today’s market is the living room. Most buyers are giving up the formal living room and family room split and simply want one, big open floor plan that will allow them to entertain company as well as lounge around and watch movies on a Saturday afternoon. Informal spaces such as this are in because they are more functional.

Another room that will get noticed is the bathroom. Not only do buyers want more than one bathroom, they want them to come fully loaded! Luxury items such as soaking tubs, garden tubs, pricey fixtures, and quality tiling always go over well in the bathroom. Pedestal sinks, claw foot tubs, and a separate shower and tub are also very popular in the bathroom right now and are what most buyers are going for.

The kitchen is also another room that will get more than a once over when a buyer comes in. Stainless steel appliances, high quality wood cabinets, marble or granite counters, kitchen islands, and quality flooring will all go a long way toward selling a home. Buyers see the kitchen as an entertainment area, so if things are in order and are updated a home will likely sell much sooner than if it is not. If the dining area also blends well with the kitchen, this is even better!

The Homes Target Audience

Age really does affect what a home buyer wants in a home. Most realtors will report that those that are less than age 44 usually want a home that is in the suburbs or a subdivision. The home will sell well if it is located near schools, parks, and playgrounds. For buyers over age 45, homes that are one story, less than 10 years old, and on a flat lot with items such as sprinkler systems will appeal to them. Location really is important to home buyers as homes in certain areas may contain features that are important to some buyers but not so important to others.

First time home buyers are also likely to overlook items like pricey fixtures, walk in closets, granite counters, or oversized garages. Typically it is the first time buy that will have a shorter list of must haves, because they are just getting into the market and may be on a stricter budget or just not have a whole lot of experience with offered features. Repeat home buyers will be more likely to have a list of must haves, so a home that is well finished and has all of the items described above will likely appeal to a repeat home buyer.

The type of upgrades one has made to their home or is willing to make to their home will decide who the home will generally appeal to. Of course, home buyers all have their own preferences about what makes a home worth buying, but studies have been done and the general consensus is that older home buyers have a longer list of must haves and items in a home that are very important to them, such as a bedroom on the main floor.

As you can see, homebuyer’s want a little of everything, and the specific needs and wants vary widely from buyer to buyer. Generally, a home that is well cared for and offers some modern or updated features will attract many home buyers and if located in the right area, will sell relatively quickly.

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